Create and Consume

“We will find more genuine joy in life through creating than through mindless consumption. The hard part about all of this is that it is easier and less strenuous to consume than it is to put yourself through the creative process, with all of its highs and lows, doubts and aspirations. In the long run, the fulfillment and joy you experience through creating will be far greater and longer lasting than that which is derived from or based upon mindless consumption. Of course a certain amount of consumption is necessary to sustain life, like the nutrition our bodies require, or the hydrogen and helium that the sun fuses. Anything beyond that is detrimental, unwise.

Nature has struck a balance, and we must obey these laws and keep in harmony with its ways, for we are a part of it. Any human, any star in our galaxy or let alone any animal can consume mindlessly, it takes a self-aware entity to realize their ways, whether useful or useless and seek to live more deliberately and with a purpose. Not only will they add to their database of positive experiences, but they will increase the joy and prosperity of the world by bringing into reality, through creation, the very things that we all need or hope for, but lack the courage and belief to go towards.

The creatives are the saviors and innovators, and fortunately everybody can find a way to be creative.”

-Rufus Bucky


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