The Creative Process…

“Some reasons for the creative process are practical.”

“The creative process is the process of change, of development, of evolution, in the organization of subjective life.”

“The first need therefore (of creativity) is to transcend the old order.”

“In order to create and invent one must yield to the indeterminate forces within them.”

“Creation usually begins with a vague, even a confused excitement, some sort of  yearning, hunches, or other proverbial intimation of approaching or potential resolution.”

“A dim cloud of ideas, which I feel must be condensed into a shower of words.”

“Production by a process of purely conscious calculation seems never to occur.”

“Ideas rose in crowds, I felt them collide until pairs interlocked, so to speak, making a stable connection.”

“As long as one tries to move in the way of the old, they are frustrated. for the emphasis of desire falls upon the unrealized rather than on the explicit elements in physic life.”

“Even when an artist has found their way, the opposition between the old and the new persists, for the unrealized continues to draw them.”

“That is true of any scientist and creative persono f action, of all inventions.”

“The vigorous creative minds among the scientist are often inclined to drop a project when the less inventive begin to swarm it and go onto something fresh.”

“The desired new order implicit in the stir of indeterminiate activity cannot be seized in the abtsract, It must crystallize in some medium in whihc the worker is adept. without craft it will escape.”

“One must learn to seize an child them without insistence, letting them agitate the mind when and as they may and make their own development.”

“The concentration of such a state may be so extreme that the worker may seem to himself and others to be in a trance or some similar hypnotic or somnambulistic state.”











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