Be Brave

“Creativity takes courage.”

Henri Matisse




What Are You Encouraging?

“Weeds don’t need any encouragement to grow. Much like our negative and repetitive thoughts they have a force and will of their own. This seems to be a function of our minds left over from the days of old when life was a lot more dangerous and difficult. Advertisers, news media outlets and propagandists seem to know this quite well and aim to play on our unfounded fears. These fears are nebulous and detached from any real threat, and because they are unfounded in reality, any slight mention of negativity will give these fears something to attach to and help justify themselves, though unnecessary. But, in the modern times we need not focus on the negative things so intensely seeing as the world has improved immensely, though not perfect. Let us give more attention to the positive and productive use of our miraculous and powerful minds. Only by doing so can we ever realize a reality in which we pay more attention to what is going right, rather than what is going wrong. When you focus on what you don’t want. you tend to get more of that and vice-versa. Our thoughts tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. Let them fulfill something desirable”

-R.B. Royal


The Interconnected Universe

“With there being almost 70 trillion cells in the human body (including bacteria) and 7 billion people on this planet, lets look at the Earth as an organism like the body. What happens when cells no longer work together for a certain purpose? Cancer and death of that organism. So apply that to humanity? What happens when humans can’t get along and we destroy and fight other humans (cells), simply missing the fact that we are fighting ourselves. We can’t see the individual cells in our body by the naked eye but they are there and doing their job, working together as a whole for a greater cause and purpose other than the individual.

Astronauts say that when they see the planet from space, it changes them for good and they see the beautiful truth. No race, no countries, no politics, just that we are all connected. From space, humanity and planet Earth appear to be and are undoubtedly one giant organism.

Competition within Cooperation.


-E.R. Hughes


Make The Unknown Known

“Certain faculties of men are drawn towards the unknown – thought, mediation, prayer. The unknown is an ocean, of which conscience is the compass. To study and seek to interpret correctly symbols of the Universe, is the work of the sage and philosopher.”

Albert Pike