Addiction & Beliefs

“Beliefs are like addictions, and do not surrender their grip easily.” -Micheal Talbot

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

“History has revealed too many people who have tried to be spiritual before they have learned how to be human! It is a major problem. Maybe this is why Jesus came to model humanity for us – much more than divinity. . . . Get the ordinary human thing down, and you will have all … Read moreWhat Does It Mean To Be Human?

What Are You Encouraging?

“Weeds don’t need any encouragement to grow. Much like our negative and repetitive thoughts they have a force and will of their own. This seems to be a function of our minds left over from the days of old when life was a lot more dangerous and difficult. Advertisers, news media outlets and propagandists seem … Read moreWhat Are You Encouraging?

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