How to think clearer… Or at least avoid logical fallacies when possible.



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Trust me. I know this…

There have been many times when we think we know what we are talking about and are damn certain. We tell ourselves we have a solid argument even if we don’t. So is arguing bad? I would say no, as long as both parties are willing to hear each other out and are capable of thinking rationally while being flexible. So to be able to think clearly, and articulate these thoughts clearly, one is able to construct stronger arguments.

Learning about these logical fallacies can help us avoid getting ourselves into trouble and also when defending ourselves if we do. Let this list clarify the clouds of poor thinking and clean out the cobwebs of confusion.

(——————————–Logic_Fallacies_List ————–——————)

^^^^^^Click here for a PDF download of the list ^^^^^^

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Charlie Munger has spoken at length about a set of biases (25 r so) that can often interfere with our cognition. Check out some of his videos!



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