Don’t Wait

  “Don’t be afraid of getting started, be afraid of never starting.” -E.R. Hughes    

The Rewards

  “Hard work always pays off, but not always for the person doing the work. Look at slaves or people who kill themselves for others while receiving a minor compensation. Someone will definitely benefit and reap the rewards. Make sure that person is you” -R.B. Royal

Take Action or Think?

“Don’t use valuable time that should be allocated for taking action to think, the opposite is  also true. Don’t use valuable time that should be allocated for thinking to take action. There is a time to think and a time to act. Know the difference and establish a balance between the two.” -R.B. Royal

Guiding Forces

“The economy and progress are driven by businesses, individuals and governments and guided by emotions and irrationality. Though it should be intellect and logic with the reigns.” -R.B. Royal

A Mental Mosaic

“Without the arts, life appears boring, drab, dry and meaningless. Without the science’s life would appear senseless and random. Therefore, they are both equally important, for they endow the world and its inhabitants with the tools to cultivate, nourish, explore and advance. Working in unison together, they both support the well-being of humanity. Let us … Read moreA Mental Mosaic


  By all means let us have humility, but let us have the right amount of humility. Enough  to keep us teachable yet no so much that we think we are incapable of anything worthwhile.    

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