Fluid & Flowing

“Development is not a linear ladder, but a fluid and flowing affair, with spirals, swirls, streams and waves, and what appear to be an almost infinite number of multiple modalities.” -Ken Wilber

Our Own Person

“I think that it’s when we step out of the road, step outside the box, become our own person, and we walk fearlessly down paths other people wouldn’t look at, that true progress comes. And sometimes true beauty as well.” -John McAfee  

Do your work then step back…

“When starting a new task, project or anything of importance, let us remember to quote the Tao Te Ching, “The only path to serenity is to do your work and then step back.” Till the soil, plant your seeds, meet your needs and let it grow. Don’t keep digging it up to see if it … Read moreDo your work then step back…