Who Are You?

“Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” –Les Brown  

Day Tight Compartments

“And yet again at the beginning of each day we must stand erect and courageous, ready to meet any of the days hardships. What we accomplished yesterday might be great, but it only matters in so much as a foundation on which we build upon. Let each day be a complete masterpiece of itself.” -E.R. … Read moreDay Tight Compartments

Live It

“The goal of philosophy is to learn how to think clearly so that you can live properly. It is not a mere uttering of flowery words, though they do help with the illustrations of ideas, philosophy is meant to be lived!” -E.R. Hughes

Sphere Of Influence

“We are all being influenced and sometimes manipulated by other things or people most of the time. The question then becomes what are their motivations & intentions? And ultimately, who is the one that is doing the influencing?” -E.R. Hughes

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