Use Your Brain

“Think first and the job is already half done.”
W. Clement Stone


Take Action or Think?

“Don’t use valuable time that should be allocated for taking action to think, the opposite is  also true. Don’t use valuable time that should be allocated for thinking to take action. There is a time to think and a time to act. Know the difference and establish a balance between the two.”

-R.B. Royal


The Dichotomy

“Most people would rather work hard physically than mentally. Why is that? I’m not sure. Maybe it is the fact that they must actively take part in consciously examining and rewiring the patterns of their mind. The brain does require up to twenty percent of all energy consumed by the body, more than any other organ.”

-E.R. Hughes

A Mental Mosaic

“Without the arts, life appears boring, drab, dry and meaningless. Without the science’s life would appear senseless and random. Therefore, they are both equally important, for they endow the world and its inhabitants with the tools to cultivate, nourish, explore and advance.

Working in unison together, they both support the well-being of humanity. Let us not get caught up in absolutist all-or-nothing thinking. There are many unique pieces that constitute the mosaic of life. Much like that of human knowledge, understanding and experiences.

We would be wise to expand our knowledge base, including all the creations and permutations that have been manifested by humanity.”

-R.B. Royal